About Us

In 2006, before Interpreter Education Online (IEO) was created, Bromberg & Associates, published their first Linguistic Resources and Training Guides for legal interpreters. Recognizing the demand for language-specific training, Bromberg continued to develop these training materials for both legal and medical interpreters .

In 2008, Bromberg advanced their innovative legal interpreter training program even further by creating online courses. As the program grew, Bromberg saw it necessary to create Interpreter Education Online in 2009. Now a company of its own, IEO became committed to excellence in interpreter training by offering quality educational opportunities to a broad demographic.

In addition to its ever-growing legal training program, IEO developed a comprehensive curriculum for healthcare interpreters. In 2012, IEO launched courses that were designed to help healthcare interpreters meet eligibility requirements for certification exams, improve interpretation techniques, and expand knowledge of the U.S. healthcare system, medical procedures, and specialized terminology. 

IEO’s legal and healthcare courses are available in Albanian, Arabic, Cantonese, French, Haitian Creole, Hmong, German, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Furthermore, all of IEO’s instructors are certified interpreters.

Since its inception, IEO has been committed to equipping interpreters with the tools necessary for quality language service. Today, we’re proud to not only work with individual students, but also collaborate with state courts and healthcare organizations to provide quality training and testing to interpreters. We also work with Language Service Companies testing their applicants and helping them to maintain quality assurance for their clients. As we continue to grow, we are determined to ensure that the standards of professional interpretation are consistently upheld by our students.