Basic 3-Unit Course

The Basic 3-Unit Course is a brief overview of court interpreting and provides theoretical and practical training for aspiring and professional legal interpreters. Each unit in the course contains a section on:

– Criminal Procedure
– Legal Concepts
– A Special Topic
– Interpreter Ethics
– Interpretation Theory
– Interpretation Practice Exercises

With this course, students will be able to:

1.) Expand their knowledge of the U.S. legal system.

2.) Build an extensive base of ready-to-use linguistic equivalents of legal and special terminology.

3.) Improve their interpretation skills with the help of an instructor. (Package 3)

The Basic 3-Unit Course is offered in the following three packages.

Length of access: 6 weeks (Packages 1 & 2) , 9 weeks (Package 3)

Basic 3-Unit Course

(Package 1) – $350.00

Basic 3-Unit Course

(Package 2) – $550.00

Language :

Basic 3-Unit Course

(Package 3) – $750.00

Language :

Feedback from interpreters who took this course:

“My two instructors were wonderful! They helped me in every way they could. They answered all my questions and guided me. I learned a lot from both of them. Really great teachers!”

-Deborah Peterson, English/Spanish

“I have learned a lot in a short period of time, although finding the time to complete everything was challenging (working full time)… While practicing interpretation, I realize that I need to keep on practicing regularly to feel more confident and improve my skills, because even if I expanded my vocabulary/terminology, it will never be enough unless I keep practicing. I am also grateful to the language-specific instructor who reviewed my assignments. I found the price affordable and the online course convenient. I could not find anywhere a school offering interpretation courses that focus on my language pair (not theory classes but practice classes), only Spanish! I am looking forward to taking more courses!”

-Linda Gueye, English/French

“The meeting on SKYPE with Mr. Jarkowski went very well. We went over the CI and the ST tests and discussed my errors in detail. We focused on translating properly idiomatic expressions and clarified several court procedures which allow for a better understanding of the legal concept and terminology. We also had some time to discuss the tests scoring system and the career of an interpreter. It was a very beneficial meeting and I’m very glad I had the opportunity to be corrected and advised by someone with so much experience in the same target language.The course has been a great experience and gave me a great idea of what it takes and what is the best approach to trying to become an interpreter. It was a pleasure working with your whole staff, everyone was very professional and hands on. I’m looking forward to sharing with you some great news in the future and hope to work with you again soon. Thank you very much for setting this class up for me, it was worth every penny!”

-Ania D., English/Polish

“IEO has guided me through the A to Z I needed to pursue a career as an interpreter. The contents of the Basic Course enabled me to have a full understanding of the skill needed for this amazing profession. It is a very carefully crafted course with an enormous attention to detail. I immediately noticed a great amount of care and dedication from the individuals behind it. IEO wants you to learn and succeed and to be able to handle the situations that you will encounter (trust me, you will) during your professional endeavors.

I can’t emphasize enough the valuable preparation acquired and the confidence I gained which allowed me to accept the challenge of the State Certification test just a few weeks after course completion. But above all the enormous dedication of the instructors, and here I’m going to allow myself to name Irina Jesionowski, because during my moments of frustration she always showed me nothing but support, guidance and infinite patience. Thank you all so much.”

-Rosa Bassett, English/Spanish

“It has been a pleasure working with all of you, especially Irina with whom I had the most frequent contact and who responded personally to every little email I have sent. I also want to thank Jinny for her email which prompted me to complete the course. After failing my court certification exam, I got very discouraged and it was very difficult for me to get back on track. Her “little nudge” on one hand and Elke’s positive, encouraging feedback about my homework on the other hand, was the perfect mixture between pressure and motivation to complete this course.  It has been a very satisfying experience which did not lack in personal connection and attention.

Professionally, I know that I have made a big progress, and I know that I have a big advantage compared to my fellow interpreters who sometimes are being “thrown in the courtroom” without ever been properly prepared for that.  I believe that we, the interpreters, are an important part of the court system and that it is our responsibility to be the best we can in our profession.

Personally, I also gained great confidence in my abilities which were before not really measured. German is unfortunately not one of the most demanded languages in the courtroom as most Germans (especially the ones who live or conduct business here) have a profound knowledge of the English language, which makes it difficult to acquire sufficient courtroom experience.

I congratulate the entire team to the success of your online program. It is a very thorough, thought through and compact program which is a great asset for everybody who takes the interpreter profession seriously and who wants to step up to a different level.”

-Gabriela Jenicek, English/German