Be the Change

Be the Change

The end of a year always brings with it a mixed bag of emotions. There is the gratitude for that which we have learned and gained. There is sadness for that which has been lost. There is hope for what is to be. It is a time of celebration, reflection, and overcoming. This year there have been many memorable moments for us here at Interpreter Education Online, as a company and as members of the human race. Some were wonderful and some were not. This year saw the welcoming of a new course administrator and a new presence in the language services community. The year also brought into question the basic rights of refugees and immigrants. We look back at what we have done, what we could do, what we will do, and what we know we are powerless to.

We want to hear from you, the community. We’re answering these three candid questions below, and ask you to join in on our social media platforms with your own answers!

  1. What challenges were faced this year that were more daunting than those of years past?

Our Answer: Technological advances both challenge and help what we do and how we do it. While technology advanced last year and the years before (and will continue to), its common use creates a new daily standard in the industry.

  1. What was your proudest personal achievement of the year?

Our Answer (from Bailey, our Course Administrator): For me, joining a team of people so skilled in their arena and being able to learn immensely from them was a huge gift. I have many accomplishments in my history, but they are in a different profession. The opportunity to see things as a newcomer, soaking in every word and nuance, and learning to understand something at once foreign to me, was not only an achievement, but an honor.

  1. What do you hope the New Year will bring?

Our Answer: We plan to develop more courses and more testing options in 2016. We also hope that more and more organizations and individuals will enlist our services, of course (shameless plug), but we also hope that tolerance will be taught. The world cannot be changed overnight, and our ancestors have been trying to initiate proper change since the dawn of time. But we can teach tolerance each and every day, individually, in our interactions with others. The change has to start with us: tolerance, appreciation, and unity are our goals for 2016.

So take a chance. Put yourself out there. Answer these three questions in the comments on our website, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages, and help be part of the change you wish to see in the world!


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