2nd IEO Conference: TBD

IEO inaugural conference in June was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who participated, and to our great presenters and sponsors. By popular demand, we are already planning our next online event, which will be held in December. Stay tuned for more information! Meanwhile, check out the outcome of the first conference below.

For those who missed the conference, we are offering some of its webinars on demand. You can purchase the webinar Diversifying with Audiovisual Translations here, while our medical interpreting students get FREE access to Natalya Mytareva’s Evaluation of Language Proficiency Standards and Requirements, and all our students get FREE access to Caitilin Walsh’s #WFH #WTF: The Pandemic Home Office with purchase of any course.

If you want to learn more from the conference presenters, here are their other webinars:

Stress and Interpreting by Eliana Lobo

Stress and Test-Taking by Eliana Lobo

The Interpreter’s Elusive Quest to Maintain Register by Natalya Mytareva

Marketing Skills for Translators by Rafa Lombardino

Interpreter Standards of Conduct and the Law by Bruce Adelson

Vocabulary-Building Resources and Techniques for Court Interpreters by Ernest Niño-Murcia

Bridging the Indigenous Interpreting Gap, Lack of Direct Equivalencies and Consecutive Relay Interpreting by Victor Sosa

What You Need to Succeed as a Remote Interpreter by Eliana Lobo

Interpreter Self-Assessment of Skills by Eliana Lobo

Interpreters on the Witness Stand by Bruce Adelson

Interpreting for Well Visits by Eliana Lobo

Testimonials about IEO inaugural conference

There were so many great presenters, but I especially enjoyed the legal presentation and the underserved communities ones. And I appreciated ending it all with #WFH, #WTF as the closing one because it was a light way to end it all. Even as an ASL interpreter I found the spoken language information interesting, if not necessarily all applicable.
Karen Rose Jacob, CI, CT
Certified Sign Language Interpreter
I learned something from every session, but I got the most helpful information in the Remote Interpreting session. I have not done any VRI cases during the pandemic, and was nervous about trying it, but now I have some information about how to set up and even what kind of headphones to use. The future does indeed seem to be headed toward continuing use of VRI so I needed this to help me get going! The whole day was very interesting. Thank you!
Michelle L.
I really appreciated hearing from Bruce Adelson, Bill Rivers, Konstantin Dranch and Chris Carter, regarding current situation in the United States with COVID-19 and Election year and the laws at stake. And I found their advice of being self-employed or independent contractor interpreter very helpful. Thank you all!
Kristina S.
Thank you for the very interesting lectures. Now that the things are changing drastically, the general views of experts from different fields were quite useful. And it was so nice to share this feeling with colleagues from all over the world. Thank you again.
Kaharu I.