Continuing Education for Court Interpreters

Are you a certified court interpreter that needs to satisfy continuing education requirements? IEO’s courses for legal interpreters are approved for CE credit by the following states and organizations. Click on your state or organization in the list below for more information.

Please note: states marked with an asterisk (*) require that courses be taken with instructor evaluation in order for CEUs to be awarded. 


Florida: Pending.

Idaho: An individual interpreter is free to take an online course and ask for approval directly from Idaho Judicial Branch: 

Maryland (Please note that ASL interpreters are not required to submit their CEUs.)


Minnesota: At this time Minnesota does not require continuing education for interpreters.


New Mexico


North Carolina: NC follows Wisconsin’s CE credit structure for IEO courses (see below).

Ohio – click on the course’s name to open the course’s page for more details

Oklahoma: IEO courses are approved for continuing education credit in Oklahoma. Oklahoma credits are based on a 50-minute hour.  Interpreters receive 1 hour of CE credit for each 50 minutes of instruction, i.e. for the course with 12 hours of instruction, the interpreter would actually receive 14.4 hours of CE credit.








American Translators Association: Any ATA members who takes online courses would have to claim an on-demand course as self study on their CEP form and submit a self-study form.