Fundamentals of Being a Good Translator

This webinar discusses topics that are focused on important aspects of being a successful translator.

Course Content

1. Professional training

1.1 The translator profile

– Fighting the myth that any native speaker can translate

– The multifaceted skill set of the translator: linguistic and cultural expert; researcher; writer; tech-savvy

editor and formatter; and all-round perfectionist

1.2 Adaptability and knowledge of different types of documents, types of projects, deadlines

– Knowing what to expect from education, legal, medical, administrative documents

2. Professional Approach

2.1 Awareness of your market, profession and yourself

– Knowing and owning your capacities

– Research techniques

– Clear understanding and all stages involved in the life span of translation projects

– Challenges presented by different types of documents and how to overcome them

– Dealing with working in teams or alone

– Setting your price

2.2 Professional Responsibility: It’s more than just a pay check

2.2.1 Best Practices:

– Correspondence before, during and post-assignment.

– Knowing what is expected of you and what you can do to stand out

– Quality control assurance

– Privacy: Respecting your client and your profession

2.2.2 Business and Ethical matters:

– Insurance for translators

– Legal concerns to consider when establishing one’s own practice

– Continuous professional development and affiliation

Knowing when to say no

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