Tech tips

What does an audio mixer do?

By Ernest Niño-Murcia

Have you seen posts on social media talking about audio mixers being used with Remote Simultaneous Interpreting platforms? Here’s a simple view of what these nifty devices do. Instead of swapping headphones and earbuds to listen to two different “channels” or audio streams, this mixer allows you to funnel all of those audio streams through one pair of headphones and literally dial in which one, or ones, you want to hear and at what intensity. Take a look at this brief demonstration.

This blog was first published on T.E.A. Language Solutions website. Ernest is one of the speakers at IEO 2nd conference Language Access and the New Reality on December 3-4, 2020. Together with Liz Essary and Janis Palma he will be speaking on the panel “Interpreting 2020: pivoting in the time of quaranteams and doomscrolling”. 


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