Find us at the ATA conference and save 25%!

The American Translators Association (ATA) will be hosting its 55th Annual Conference in Chicago next week. From November 5-8, attendees will be able to connect with over 1,800 colleagues from around the world, share their interests and experiences, and build partnerships. Furthermore, those in attendance can choose from over 175 sessions, learn practical skills and theory, be inspired by new ideas, and join discussions related to the translation and interpretation professions.

IEO Executive Director Jinny Bromberg will also be at the conference, hoping that you’ll run into her! That’s because when you find Jinny and you tell her what you love most about interpreting, you’ll be given a coupon for 25% off EVERYTHING on the IEO website. It’s that easy! What’s more, give Jinny your business card or resume and you’ll be entered to win free access to one of these courses; many of which are approved by several states, ATA, CCHI, and NBCMI for CE credit!

So, when you’re at the ATA conference next week, remember to find Jinny to save money!

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We offer online training options for legal and medical interpreters as well as translators. Programs include training courses, tests, linguistic resources, training guides, and Skype lessons with interpretation instructors. Our training will benefit those who are aspiring interpreters, interpreters who want to prepare for a certification exam, or certified interpreter certification exams. Training options are available in Albanian, Arabic, Cantonese, French, Haitian-Creole, Hmong, German, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.