Firearms & Ballistics

A type of bullet with a flattened head is known as what? What’s the difference between a revolver and a handgun? These are just some of the things that an interpreter dealing with firearms and ballistics needs to know. This course offers you an in-depth look into categories of firearms, parts of a firearm and concepts used in ballistics. It also provides an extensive resource section and comprehensive glossary. If taking the course with instructor evaluation, students must submit 1 interpretation exercise and 1 glossary in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Length of access: 2 weeks without instructor, 3 weeks with instructor evaluation

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Firearms & Ballistics

(with instructor evaluation) – $189.00

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Firearms & Ballistics

(without instructor evaluation) – $109.00

Feedback from interpreters who took this course:

“I liked it! Very useful to me…learned a lot about firearms, and had to go to Deaf community members to develop ‘language-specific’ output. Very beneficial to me as I really had no schema (just layman) about guns.” 

– Susan Brule