Language Proficiency Testing

IEO offers language proficiency tests for individuals who need to assess their language skills for employment purposes or who need to provide proof of their language proficiency prior to taking the CCHI or NBCMI certification exams. Likewise, testing is also available to employers who wish to vet the linguistic abilities of current or prospective employees.

Tests are composed of a speaking and listening assessment that measure a candidate’s ability to converse in the language being tested.

Language proficiency tests are proctored in real time over the phone and last about 15-20 minutes. The tests are evaluated by native speakers of the language being tested who were born, raised and, educated at the university level in the target language culture. Test results are made available within two business days.

Language proficiency tests are available in these languages. If you do not see your language listed, please contact us.

After purchasing a test, you will be contacted regarding your availability.

If you’re purchasing a course and test together, select the “with course” option.

Language Proficiency Test (with course) - $80.00

Language Proficiency Test (without course) - $100.00

Language :

Rare Language Proficiency Test (without course) - $160.00

Language :