Not sure if your level is advanced enough to take this course and get ready for the certification exam?

Preparatory Course for the NBCMI Exam

This course was created to prepare those who are taking the NBCMI Exam and who need to meet the 40-hour training requirement. It includes:

– Chapters on Body Systems, the U.S. Healthcare System, Diseases, and Procedures

– Quizzes

– Videos

– Language-specific glossaries

– Healthcare Interpreter Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

– Interpretation Theory

– Subject matter-specific content

– Interpretation exercises (8 evaluated by instructor)

– 1 Skype Lesson with an instructor

Length of access: 12 weeks

Students may choose to take a final interpretation performance assessment test with this course. The test is optional and comes with an additional fee of $104.99 per mode (CI, SI, ST) or $289.00 for all three.

Preparatory Course for the NBCMI Exam – $950.00

Preparatory Course for the NBCMI Exam

Language :

Feedback from interpreters who took this course:

“I passed both written and oral with fairly high scores. NBCMI has issued me a certification number already! Thank you for your course!

The purchase of additional exercises being graded by a highly qualified IEO Teacher/Grader is the best investment, for the feedback from my personal Grader is invaluable. NBCMI is a great organization. I am only the 5th one nationwide to receive certification in my target language of Mandarin Chinese. There is still a LOT of room for growth…”

– Daniel Hsueh, English/Mandarin

“Great course for practice and to get you prepared for the exam. The Skype lesson was of so much help, my questions were all answered in the best way possible!”

– Guadalupe Parra, English/Spanish

“It was a lot more difficult than I expected, but the information is very educational and will for sure help me in my overall education and practice.”

– Marcela Coe, English/Spanish

“It was beyond helpful. All quizzes gave me a better understanding on how the actual exam might be. A conversation with the instructor was invaluable as well. I not only received an overall evaluation of my assignments but also very helpful tips for an actual work environment.”

– Minjung Godfrey, Prep Course for NBCMI Exam, English/Korean

“This course has taught me a lot. I feel more prepared now to be a better medical interpreter and I appreciate your outstanding customer service.”

– Yarlene Robles-Price, English/Spanish