Professional Associations: Their role in our professional past, present, and future

Sometimes the path from where you are to where you want to be is hidden under uncertainties, fears, questions. That’s when a guide comes in handy, leading the way, making the journey smoother and even more pleasant. This presentation will help you in the search for that right path, provide you the tools for choosing your guide and calculating the ROI of your investment in a professional association. Come learn how professional associations have shaped our profession, are shaping our careers and how they ensure our professional future.

About the presenter: Giovanna Lester. Gio’s career as a translator and interpreter started in 1980. She is a member of many professional associations – ATA (US), ABRATES (Brazil), NAJIT (US), IAPTI (Argentina), and ATIF of which she is a co-founder.

Gio has been very active in the ATA. She was a member of the PR Committee for 3-4 years, a Grader (for the Portuguese into English language pair), Assistant Administrator and Administrator of the Interpreters Division, served in many nominations committees for the ATA Board and for the different Divisions. While serving on the Interpreters Division she developed and organized the ATA-American Red Cross Partnership which consisted of a nationwide network of interpreters. The ATA_ARC Partnership was instrumental during Katrina. Under her leadership the Interpreters Division developed and delivered to the ATA Board a publication later published as “Interpreting Getting It Right.”

As an interpreter in international events, Gio is the voice of presidents, prime ministers, ministers, surgeons, scientists, hairdressers, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, programmers.

Gio also organizes professional events, she is a speaker, a teacher and contributes to blogs, newsletters and magazines published by the associations she is affiliated with: The Chronicle (ATA), Proteus, The Savvy Newcomer (blog), The NAJIT Observer (she is the Administrator), CMI Tides (National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters), Lingua Greca (blog), Speaking Out! (ATIF – ATA’s Chapter which she served as President twice). You can follow Gio on Twitter – @cariobana.

This one hour webinar is approved for CEUs by CCHI, ATA, RID, and courts in such states as MI, KY, NC, NE, NM, TN, MO. Cost: $35.