Public Speaking Skills for Interpreters

Presenter: Rita Pavone

Have you ever given thought to your public speaking skills? Would you like to learn more about coordinating information, preparation, and managing nervousness? How about effectively focusing on your message and building a connection with others?

Communication facilitated by interpreters is a dynamic process. Since it occurs in a group context, the opportunity of a connection is automatically established.

As interpreters, we may serve as a medium of communication or as cultural brokers. We may represent an organization or our own agency. This means that we are frequently in a position to enhance our professional image and the degree of effectiveness through the acquisition of speech building and refinement skills.

Join us and discover how to boost your inner abilities!

This webinar is approved for 1 CE hour by CCHI and RID, and by such states as CO, MD, MI, MO, KY, NC, NE, NM, TN, UT, WI. The webinar is also approved for 0.1 IMIA/NBCMI CEUs with the Education Registry ID 18-1234 (expires on 04/12/20).

Cost: $30

About the presenter: 

Core CHI and PhD Candidate Rita Pavone has been an interpreter, a translator, and a cultural competence consultant for over 20 years, and has held the role of Program Coordinator and Speaker for the Austin Area Translators and Interpreters Association (AATIA) Interpreters Special Interest Group since 2013.

Ms. Pavone is a researcher and speaker in areas concerning ethics, business and healthcare communications, good clinical practices, policy-making, and regulations divergence resolutions. She was among the presenters at the 2012, 2014, and 2017 Texas Association of Healthcare Interpreters and Translators (TAHIT) Symposia. Furthermore, she teaches undergraduate courses in Communications, Conflict Resolution, Diversity, Healthcare Administration, Public Speaking and other Humanities/Management. She has extensive experience in clinical trials research, foreign relations, and the legal field.

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