The Digestive System

Do you know how food is broken down and how nutrients are absorbed in the body? What diseases and disorders are typical of the digestive system? How are these illnesses treated? This course offers an in-depth look into the digestive system of the human body and provides an extensive resources section, comprehensive glossary, interpretation exercises, and a quiz. If taking the course with instructor evaluation, students must submit 1 interpretation exercise in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Length of access: 2 weeks without instructor evaluation, 3 weeks with instructor evaluation

The Digestive System

(with instructor evaluation) - $189.00

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The Digestive System

(without instructor evaluation) - $109.00

Feedback from interpreters who took this course:

“The course was really informative. The content was comprehensive. I liked the glossaries also. It wasn’t easy and that's why it was informative and beneficial, as it contains new information and terminology that I haven’t heard before. All in all it is a great course and I recommend it to all medical interpreters.”

- Maisa Haddad, Certified Healthcare Interpreter, Arabic

“I enjoyed the course, I learned a lot and got some good practice in. The course administrator was very helpful in getting me registered.”

- Michelle Noyes, English/Spanish