The Future of Online Learning

The Future of Online Learning

Society often has its ways of “predicting” the future. We see it in films, books, and scientific studies. Some predictions are incredibly accurate while others completely miss the mark. One prediction, however, has not only been accurate, but continues to grow beyond its original scope – that is the future of online learning.

In 2010, online learning was on the rise, with over a million students more than the previous year in college classes. In 2011, nearly 30% of all college and university students were enrolled in at least one online class. That number has only continued to grow.

As the technology advances and our ability to access and utilize technology becomes easier, learning and training take on new forms yearly. What was the new trend last year has quickly become old hat as new trends take over. The access to smartphones and tablets has increased substantially and most employees have at least one, if not both. In business, this means that training employees has never been more cost efficient or effective. Through these advances, businesses are able to create in demand training that can even go so far as to offer real-time training at the push of a button. The decreasing cost of HD cameras, video editing software, and ready availability of access to clouds and increased bandwidth make it surprisingly easy for even the smallest of businesses to train their employees at a fraction of previous costs.

Video content is predicted to be the most in-demand kind of training in the next ten years and short term, real-time training is expected to take over. With 24 hour access to the internet and the ability to work on one’s own schedule, it seems that businesses should be paying close attention to this trend and utilizing it to the best of their abilities.

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