Webinar Series: Up Next!

Webinar Series: Up Next!

IEO has recently implemented a new series of webinars for interpreters, which kicked off with Bruce Adelson’s highly acclaimed “Interpreter Standards of Conduct and the Law.” Up next, we will be featuring “Interpreter Self-Assessment” with Eliana Lobo.

This webinar is for both novice and experienced interpreters to learn how to self-assess their own skills, and how to design skills and drills practice to improve weak areas. The presentation is geared towards working interpreters, showing them how to enhance their remote persona as well as assess their own interpreting skills. Tips and techniques for improved performance on the job and self-assessment will be offered. The opportunity to practice specific skill building exercises will be made available to the attendees in the form of a group exercise. Links to additional practice drills and skill building videos are also provided. Suggestions for how to utilize these resources and measure and assess one’s progress will be shared along with a worksheet to print out and use to track progress and skills improvement over time.

Eliana Lobo is a native speaker of English and Portuguese, with a master’s degree in Bilingual Education from Brown University, where she taught Portuguese as a Teaching Fellow, and awarded a Fulbright Grant to conduct research in Brazil. An experienced court and medical interpreter, Eliana is a WA state authorized medical interpreter, a certified Trainer of medical interpreters, and a CoreCHI healthcare interpreter. Currently, Director of Multicultural Awareness Programs & Services, a division of Bromberg & Associates, Eliana was formerly the Supervisor/ Trainer of Interpreters for seven years at Harborview, a regional trauma center/ teaching hospital, with 49 staff interpreters.

Eliana is a member of NCIHC’s “Home for Trainers” workgroup, hosting webinars for medical interpreter trainers, (the winner of ProZ’s 2014 Community Choice Award, for “Best Training Series”) http://www.proz.com/community-choice-awards .
The webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 21st, from 1:00 PM EST until 2:00 PM EST and is available for registration starting today! The cost is $35 until June 17th, when late registration will take the price to $45. Slots fill up quickly, so be sure to keep an eye out. And let us know how webinars better you as an interpreter! Join the conversation on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages!


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